Friday, February 27, 2009

canadian sandwich artist.

dont kill bears.

big ass fish.

Fishers and scientists announced this week the catch, and release, of what is likely the world's largest known freshwater giant stingray.

The giant stingray, weighing an estimated 550 to 990 pounds (250 to 450 kilograms) was reeled in on January 28, 2009, as part of a National Geographic expedition in Thailand.

The stingray's body measured 6.6 feet (2 meters) wide by 6.9 feet (2.1) meters long. The tail was missing. If it had been there, the ray's total length would have been between 14.8 and 16.4 feet (4.5 and 5 meters), estimated University of Nevada Biologist Zeb Hogan.


i hate kids too.

A SWARM of wasps is believed to have attacked 30 schoolchildren in the central Queensland city of Mackay after rocks were thrown at their nest.
It is believed some children in the school group were throwing rocks at a wasps' nest when the swarm of wasps emerged, attacking about 30 children.

They were met there by paramedics, who administered treatment with ice and pain relief.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Deep Sea Frilled Shark
The frilled shark, Chlamydoselachus anguineus, is a prehistoric shark species, the only member of the familyy Chlamydoselachidae in the orderr Hexanchiformes. Superficially, the frilled shark resembles a dark brown or grey eel, but the six gill slits identify it as a shark. The tissue of the gill slits protrudes somewhat, thus inspiring the common name. Its dorsal fin is small, anal fin large, and the caudal fin (tail fin) is highly asymmetric, the dorsal part almost unnoticeable. Its teeth are small, tricuspid, and very sharp.
Loa Loa Worm

It lives in the rainforests of central Africa, and is frequently contracted through fly-bites. Humans are the only known natural incubators for the disease the worm causes, Loiasis, whose symptoms mostly consist of Red Spots, Itching, Soreness, Swelling.

Heteropoda Maxima

It was recently discovered in Laos, and it’s the largest spider in the world. It is a member of the Huntsman Spider family (all of which are frighteningly large,) which are found around the globe – from Japan to Africa, South America to Florida. They’re frequently housed in such exotic places as garages, woodsheds, or firewood piles. When provoked, they will attack. They also travel with incredible speed, and can cling to walls or ceilings just like their smaller counterparts. In Africa, they’re also called Rain Spiders because, when it rains, they seek shelter inside houses and other dwellings.

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happy 200th birthday charles darwin!

monkey man!

The Vatican has admitted that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution should not have been dismissed and claimed it is compatible with the Christian view of Creation.

Ahead of a papal-backed conference next month marking the 150th anniversary of Darwin's On the Origin of Species, the Vatican is also set to play down the idea of Intelligent Design, which argues a "higher power" must be responsible for the complexities of life.

The conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University will discuss Intelligent Design to an extent, but only as a "cultural phenomenon" rather than a scientific or theological issue.

Monsignor Ravasi said Darwin's theories had never been formally condemned by the Roman Catholic Church, pointing to comments more than 50 years ago, when Pope Pius XII described evolution as a valid scientific approach to the development of humans.

The Church of England is seeking to bring Darwin back into the fold with a page on its website paying tribute to his "forgotten" work in his local parish, showing science and religion need not be at odds.