Thursday, June 25, 2009

x ray spex!

a testament to human duality: intelligent enough to be able to take a photograph of the interior of a living organism, stupid enough to put a bottle up their own butt.

bottle up the arse.

keys in the face.

eiffel tower in the hand.

knife in the face.

more here:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


teeth are fucked up and this video makes me want to jump head first into a hammer pit.

be amazed as a tooth is zoomed into to reveal the fucking atomic structure of the bitch!

bonus: skin!

this video will make you wanna swing over the bar like fucking inside out boy.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fucked shit!

are you going somewhere and want to see something fucked up?
check out

atlas obscura is "a compendium of this age's wonders, curiosities, and esoterica. The Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project with the goal of cataloging all of the singular, eccentric, bizarre, fantastical, and strange out-of-the-way places that get left out of traditional travel guidebooks and are ignored by the average tourist. If you're looking for miniature cities, glass flowers, books bound in human skin, gigantic flaming holes in the ground, phallological museums, bone churches, balancing pagodas, or homes built entirely out of paper, the Atlas Obscura is where you'll find them."

A 500 year old scuplture depicts a man eating a sack of babies, and no one is sure why.

bonus: some of the categories are catacombs crypts and cemeteries, ghost towns, crime and punishment, medical museums, memento mori, mummies, and more! shit!

i cut you!

no one is safe! no more left turns!

Knife-wielding gorilla shocks zoo visitors

Onlookers at the Calgary Zoo were shocked Tuesday when a Western Lowland gorilla picked up a knife and pointed it at a fellow gorilla, then placed it on a chair for the keepers to remove.

He grabbed the knife exactly in the correct position and he smelled it and looked at it," said Calgarian Joe Scheffler, who was at the zoo with his wife, Heike. "A few seconds later, another gorilla came and he was very interested.

"He tried to get the knife, but the gorilla with the knife lifted the knife for his buddy....It seems to me that the gorilla with the knife was a little bit angry, and he lifted his hand with the knife.

"It was just a scene from a crime," added Scheffler, whose wife snapped photos of the morning incident.

Visitors were visibly shaken by the scene, and wondered aloud where the gorilla would get a knife.

Suddenly, as though it sensed danger, Scheffler said the second gorilla stepped away, and the knife-wielding gorilla walked a short distance and placed it on an old chair sitting in the exhibit.

Laurie Herron, manager of communications for the Calgary Zoo, said the knife was accidentally left by one of the gorilla keepers who was cleaning out the exhibit earlier Tuesday morning.

"He dropped it," she explained. "One of the other keepers or a volunteer came and told him that the gorillas had a knife and he was like, 'Oh, crap.'


viva tom!

here is a photo of a new species of glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum) discovered in ecuador. look at his guts!

the flaming stars - ginmill perfume


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

corpse bride!

china runs out of brides after throwing all of their women in a river.

Teenage girl dug up to be 'corpse bride'

Five people have been arrested in China for digging up the corpse of a young woman to be a "ghost bride" for a man killed in a car crash.

The suspects included a grieving father who allegedly paid his four accomplices around £2,700 pounds to find a female to be his son's companion in the afterlife.

The men were caught after unearthing the remains of a teenage girl who had poisoned herself after failing her university entrance exams last year, a newspaper in Xianyang in China's Shaanxi province reported.

In rural China, superstitious villagers have for centuries sought out the bodies of recently deceased woman to be ghost brides for young men who die single.

Marriage ceremonies are conducted for the two corpses, and the bride is placed in the same grave as her husband.

Under Chairman Mao's rule, officials made strenuous efforts to stamp out the ghoulish practice but it has since resurfaced in some rural areas.

Last year, a gang in southern China was arrested for strangling young women to sell as ghost brides when the supply of female corpses in their area ran short.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

death and fishnets!

life has two inescapable properties:
1. you are going to die.
2. fishnets is going to eat a burrito today.

if you want to find out what happens to your body after you die go here:
bonus! contains graphic photos and a video of a pig decomposing!

if you want to find out what happens after fishnets eats a burrito, you are a sick motherfucker.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

kirk cameron's bad day part 2

alan thicke wrote the theme song to the facts of life. wtf?

Scientists Create a Form of Pre-Life

A self-assembling molecule synthesized in a laboratory may resemble the earliest form of information-carrying biological material, a transitional stage between lifeless chemicals and the complex genetic architectures of life.

Called tPNA, short for thioester peptide nucleic acids, the molecules spontaneously mimic the shape of DNA and RNA when mixed together. Left on their own, they gather in shape-shifting strands that morph into stable configurations.

The molecules haven’t yet achieved self-replication, the ultimate benchmark of life, but they hint at it. Best of all, their activities require no enzymes — molecules that facilitate chemical reactions, but didn’t yet exist in the primordial world modeled by scientists seeking insight into life’s murky origins.

“There have been many test tube experiments of evolving chemical sequences, but there hasn’t been a system that on its own can form under enzyme-free conditions,” said Reza Ghadiri, a Scripps Research Institute biochemist. “We satisfy some of the requirements of the long-term goal of having a purely chemical system that is capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution.”

“The next phase is to see whether these molecules are capable of self-replication,” said Ghadiri. “That’s another two or three years of work.”

Asked how long it would take before fully synthetic life could be coaxed from an inert chemical mixture, Ghadiri said, “Soon. If not in our lifetime, then the next. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be longer than that.


kirk cameron's bad day

show me that smile!

Scienists find chicken with naturally formed crocodile teeth.

Scientists have discovered that rarest of things: a chicken with teeth – crocodile teeth to be precise.

The team, based at the Universities of Manchester and Wisconsin, have also managed to induce teeth growth in normal chickens – activating genes that have lain dormant for 80 million years.

Professor Mark Ferguson, one of the scientific team at the University of Manchester, says the research – published in Current Biology this week – has major implications in understanding the processes of evolution. It could also have applications in tissue regeneration, including the replacement of lost teeth in humans.

"It was discovered 50 years ago but no one has ever examined its mouth. What we discovered were teeth similar to those of crocodiles – not surprising as birds are the closest living relatives of the reptile."

The discovery led the team to wonder whether healthy chickens might still maintain the genetic pathways to re-grow teeth.

"We found we were able to induce teeth to grow in normal chickens by making changes to the expression of particular molecules," said Professor Ferguson.

"All the pathways to make teeth are preserved which helps us understand how evolutionary changes can be brought about by subtle alterations in developmental biology."


Saturday, June 6, 2009

human v simian reconciliation?

too many beer bongs on the party porch!